I’ve been busy migrating from BPOS to Office365 last weekend. Manually. Everything went smooth, until one of the COs complained he was missing his appointments in his calendar. I made a backup of every mailbox before moving the items, of course (NOT), and he used his laptop/Outlook after I moved the items from his old mailbox to his new mailbox, so his local (offline) copy was empty as well.

Recovery by the BPOS-team wasn’t an option either, because the mailbox hadn’t been deleted, nor disconnected, which are the only two scenarios where they can actually be of any service.

Today, while looking for a solution, I ran into this link, which saved my day, as well as the lost calendar-items.

Not sure it the actions described in this link are a pre-requisite, but I’m saved. That’s what counts for me.

So, what have we learned from all this?

  • BPOS doesn’t provide real backups; when they do a recovery, it will be to the point of where the mailbox was disconnected or deleted

  • Don’t forget to make backups of mailboxes before moving stuff from it, or copy items, instead of moving them